Worlds Smallest Image Stabilized Camera

4View, LLC is a technology company that develops miniature global shutter cameras, image stabilization and eye-tracking systems. 4View’s in-helmet systems provide players, coaches and fans a stabilized visual representation of not only player’s full visual field-of-view (FOV), but where his or her eyes are focused.  

Brendan McManus - Co-Founder and CEO

25 year sales, marketing, and business management experience

Omead Amidi, Ph.D. - Co-Founder and CTO

Aerial Robotics, embedded control and sensing, image processing, and autonomous navigation

Gus Frerotte
15 year NFL veteran at the quarterback position

Takeo Kanade, Ph.D. 

World renowned computer vision, visual and multi-media technology, and robotics 

James Ryan Miller, Ph.D. 

3D laser and 2D camera sensor design and development

Todd Dudek

Mechanical design, modeling, and implementation, world-class RC aircraft piloting

Patrick McManus

TV Director - American Ninja Warriors, College & Pro Football