Worlds Smallest Image Stabilized Camera

football application

4View Stabilization
No more hard to watch shaky video caused by running, head roll or quick head movements. Our technology filters out all just like the human brain.

4View, LLC’s proprietary hardware and software provides coaches and fans a stabilized visual representation of not only player’s full visual field-of-view (FOV), but can also monitor where his eyes are focused.  Our system records both video streams for instant playback on any device.

First Person Football system features:

  • Both stabilized point-of-view (POV) and eye-monitorong cameras in one facemask mounted enclosure
  • Single camera available with ballcap or headband mount
  • HD video and audio recording (MP4 files)

Facemask Camera seamlessly mounted to a helmet

CPU seamlessly mounted to a Helmet


Optional Second Camera for Eye Monitoring
No more “where was he looking“. See where a player’s eyes are focused at any instant

4View First Person Football Product Video

Single Camera mounted to a ball cap

Single Camera mounted to a ball cap